Thinking outside the box is a crime punishable by death


This may be my last blog on myspace, seeing as the whole idea of "social networking" or anything "social" at all pisses me right the fuck off.

Why is it that I'm persecuted because I refuse to be a stress-freak like most people who are just coming into jobs or marriages and all of a sudden are finding out they all their hopes and dreams are just out of their grasp?

There's this saying that goes something like "History repeats itself, and will continue to as long as we're unaware of our past." Am I the only fucking person on the planet who knows this?! Everyone, literally EVERYONE I KNOW, has turned into some crabby-assed stress-freak and hates the living shit out of me because I seem to have it so easy.

News flash - I don't have it easy, I just refuse to let others make it hard for me. I don't understand why everyone says "I have bills to pay, I have shit to do, I have problems that other people can't possibly relate to."

We can, and we have been ever since we were able to communicate with each other. You will always have problems, but you don't have to let them control you. It's that simple; live your life to the fullest, as though every second could be your last, and don't let all these things that aren't even going to matter in the end take control of you.

Try it for 1 day - I dare you.

Imagine if you go through life like this for fear of not being able to bay that bill...what happend when you're 60 years old and have enough to pay your bills for 100 years to come? You have money, but you're down 40 years of your life or however long.

Now imagine that you have a  bill you can't pay. You  get little work done, yet have the best social life ever. When you're 60 the government will PAY FOR YOU...AND you will have 40 years of memories of all the good times you had, and probably another 20 at least to keep making them.

If that didn't convice you, consider this: studies show that your emotional state of being also effects that of your physical, meaning that the happier you are, the healthier you are. I am livign proof of this. I spent a good 4 years of my life kissing my parents ass and got jack shit for it. Actually that's not true; I got severe depression, a dose of insanity, and constant, throbbing headaches ever single day on top of the feeling that no matter how hard I tried, I was destined to fail.

Then a little miracle came along known as "not giving a shit" and his brother "fuck you". Thet give you the power to take control of your own goddamn life the way it should be. So by the time you hit 60, you're not only the most awesome old guy around, society expects you to be their bitch after 40 years of working so they don't give a shit what you do.

AAANNNDDD...since you lived a healthy life, you can get away with it! You'll probably be out-running the new black kids on the block! When Arnold is old and wearind diapers, you'll be bench-pressing your grandchildren! Even Chuck Norris will look like a sissy compared to you!

So looking at your options, you have NOTHING to lose and your ENTIRE FUCKING LIFE to gain! 1-800-LIFE4ME - Call now!

P.S. This was written due to certain events that have occured in my life lately. If you're someone I know, and you've told me your story about how your life blows and you have bills to pay - awesome.

If you told me that I don't know anything about it because all I do is sit on my ass all day - false, and true.

If you took it even further and either took everything I ever confided in you and threw it in my face, or were just a general asshole about the fact that  I don't let the stress get to me and that I'm irresponsible for not letting society push me around - fuck you.

If this blog offends you in any way, it's probably because you've been thinking in the box for too long...just like society wants you too.

If you feel enlightened by this blog or agree with more than half of my opinion, you can count yourself a friend of mine.

Otherwise fuck off and stop making me feel like the lowest piece of shit on the planet because I choose to live diferently. Assholes.