The Rift


The Rift is a Persistent World (PW) module, built in Neverwinter Night's Aurora Toolset and designed for a large number of players.

The module is inspired from elements of some of the best RPGs of all time including: The Legend of Zelda, the Elder Scrolls, Secret of Mana, The Lord of the Rings, and Neverwinter Nights. The initial idea was inspired by the movie Timeline.

  • CEP 2.3 enabled 
  • Persistent world (150+ Areas) designed for lots of players. 
  • Random loot and socketed item drops (Commche's Random Loot Generation System
  • Persistent monster spawns (AmanShadar's Spawn System
  • Epic storyline that spans all the way from levels 1-40 lined with side-quests 
  • Diety system where the gods are always watching you and rewarding/punishing your actions 
  • Oblivion-style Combat, Stealth, and Magic guilds 
  • Become a vampire, lycan or lich. 
  • XP gain for disabling traps. 
  • Scripted boss fights where more than just typical hack 'n' slash is required 
  • ... and much more constantly being added! 


You are a being from another plane, who awakens to find yourself trapped in another place. How you arrived there is a mystery to you, but one thing is for sure - something is very wrong. You quickly learn about the tear in the planes that brought you here (the rift), and how your very presence is negatively impacting the plane you now find yourself in. You must act quickly to discover what has caused the rift, and find a way back to your own realm before you become trapped within the plane, doomed to die along with it.


The inspiration for the module comes from my lifetime experience and knowledge of some of the best RPGs ever made. It was also heavily influenced by the movie Timeline, which you should go see if you haven't already. You will recognize elements from The Legend of Zelda, the Elder Scrolls, Secret of Mana, The Lord of the Rings, and lastly, but certainly not least; the Neverwinter Nights campaign itself. My objective is to compile my love of RPGs, taking the best elements, and combining them all into a place where all those fantasies can coexist together.

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