Status Report: Narf.

Ok, so I know I haven't been on myspace for a while and most of you prolly think Im dead. (Just to warn you now I'm a bit tipsy so if none of this makes sense then you know why)

So, as the title states, here is whats up...

I know some of you really like my blogs and find them entertainngin so this is for you guys who sit and stare at your screen all day waiting for an update.

I'm bored of my job. Mostly because I feel like Im getitng dumber every day Im not working in the field I was bred for. So Im thinking about bringing it down to half time and getting a job in the field I shold have one in. Im thinking Best Buy, especially since a guy I went to high school with is the head of geek quad. So he's lkike VIP and he'll accept me. :)

But anyway, I get the sinking feeling that certain people aboce me have always had a problem with me and continue to have one the closer I get to kissing their ass, but not. I'm getting less hours and people who have been working for less time than me are getting basically 11-5 shifts every day while I get the fucking insane shift that look like they hired a monkey to throw feces in the form of numbers on the shift paper.

Fuck that. Oh and tonight, fucking SUCKED. I cooked in the back with Seth and Wesley. Seth has gotten much better while Wesley contiunues to suck fucking cock. Seriously, the only good thing I can repoty about him is that we had enough meat all night because thats all he fucking did. I would say the place was clean too because he swept a lot but he didnt do an incredibly job at that.

I don't blame Jason for losing it the other night when Wesley was being a douche. Apparently we had a line of burgers and Jason was heling him otu while I was on fryer side. (I get this story confused a little sometimes, but the basic outcome is the same). Basically what I remember is us being rushed and wesley having a line of burgers and going slower than my dead grandma getting them out. So Jason starts helping him and Wesley takes that to mean that he doesnt need to do them and proceeds to drop meat or some shit. So at some point Jack walks back there and starts talking shit (just playing) and Wesley seems to think he's being serious. So Wesley gets his pissed off gangster walk going and makes some ermark about kickign Jacks ass. So he leaves the line and Jason goes "Wesley, get back over here!" Wesley comes back and goes "Dude, he was talkin shit about me" and Jason says "He was just playing man, now make your burgers" and I say something like "Yeah dude, we talk a lot of shit here when we know each other. Maybe when you've been her elong enough you can talk shit too, but we need you to do your job right now." then oblivious to me (as reported by Jason later) he said "Shutup Ryan". Jason looks over at me with a "Dude, you're gonna kick his ass" sorta look, but since I didn't hear him right I thought it was a "I'm gonna kick his ass" sorta look. At that point Jason tells him off, and I'm only half paying attention since we're really rushed and I needed to get stuff out. So eventually we slow down and Jason goes and talks to Dana while I handle fryer side and Wesley is dead silent on burger side. So Jason tells Dana wahst going on and apparently Wesley was really stoned. I wouldn't have cared, but he wasn't doing shit, so I did. So then, for the first time ever, Wesley pumps out all his burgers faster than Arnold pumps iron and immediately rushes over to Jason and Dana to hear the shit thats being talked about him.

Later Jason told me what he said...if I had heard Wesley the first time there probably would have been hell to pay.

So yeah, basically he did the same shit tonight and Im fucking tired of it.

Wellp, I'm tired now. So everyone have a good night, and I wil lsee you later.