Heya baby. So basically this comment is to assure you that you are fucking awesome and that whenever some random guy passes you on the street without even thinking about what would happen if he stopped to talk to you, he is either missing out on a swift kick in the nuts, or the best time in his life.

Any guy that can claim he seduced a girl by looking like an idiot for the whole internet is a pretty lucky guy. Both of them must be pretty special to begin with, but together they've got to have a spark others can only look at and envy.

It's no wonder we were great for each other from day 1. You've got a great balance of playfulness, and deep thinking, which every intelligent guy craves in a girl.

Nothing ever beat seeing the sparkle in your pretty blue eyes every time I made you smile. Being away from that for too long was like being miles from the nearest source of water.

I felt I had no greater purpose in  life then to be there for you when you needed me. Whether it was a good day or a bad day, nothing thrilled me more than to share in your experiences.

You, Vicki, are an unclassified, precious gem of earth. Mysterious, and beautiful. Sparkling with the life a thousand stars, unchanging, and forever awe-inspiring.

To be without you, is to be without a soul. You made me use that little extra portion of my heart that had been closed off for far too long. With you, I felt that I had surpassed my physical limitations and became a living embodiment of everything my emotions told me.

You shared every dream with me, and I with you. But even the dreams were dull and too real, when compared to the real fantasy that is your heart and soul.

To the person who's personality could outshine the sun of any sky, Vicki.

May your beauty shine forevermore and be ever present in your life and the lives of those around you.