October 6, 2009

Everything and Nothing

When I look at you, I see inside you.
Your pupils are like black holes; an inescapable force that not even light can resist.
I am past the point of no return, falling weightlessly into the mysterious beyond.
On the other side I see myself. I see you. We are together.

We do everything, we do nothing. 
Whatever it is, or is not, we are together.
As our lifetime flashes before me, I am nudged out of my trance at your command.
There are your eyes again; the windows to the soul I've just witnessed conjoined with mine in that alternate reality. 

They sparkle like gems, piercing mine as though they acknowledge what I have seen.
We have just shared something that cannot be expressed.
So we just stare, savoring the moment.
It never happened, it just happened.
We've shared nothing, we've shared everything.

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