Dark Ocean

Life is an ocean, every ripple a story
Sometimes it's calm, sometimes it's gory
But one thing is certain, in an ocean so profound
The inevitability of the waves, doomed to come crashing down

Sometimes a wave, though majestic and strong by design
Can engulf others, leaving not a trace behind
For you, it is a feeling you never want to leave
For others, it's a reason to tremble and grieve

Others may try to ride the wave, and feel their own thrill
Maintaining their balance at the top, trying not to spill
They may think they've tamed the wave - mastered the form
But all waves end, and in the end they're torn

The ocean is dark and deep, filled with mystery
You sink slowly in the depths, a slave to gravity
It pulls you in and blackness overcomes you
Air escapes your lungs, but you can not breathe anew.

Creatures lost in time surround you, mocking your fate
The ocean is heavy with fear, sadness and hate
They nip at your cold lifeless skin as the weight above begins to crush
What once was so full of energy and life has become black and hush

Frost collects on your body, numbing you from the pain
It forms a casket around you, preserving you in blackness to go insane
You accepted your fate and the cost became steeper
That's the way of the ocean; it's always deeper