Desert Flower

Deep in the desert, where no one can see
There is a lonely flower that blooms uneasily
Surrounded by the sweltering sea
It longs to be free
And blossom in a place of sanctuary

The days are hot and the nights are cold
The harsh wind batters it with ruthlessness untold
But its beauty stays true
It surrenders not its hue
Because the promise of rain makes it bold

It's been trampled and discarded, like a weed in the wastes
But to move it now would be in poor taste
It has learned to survive
In a desert so dry
Its roots are here, in this unforgiving place

Once there were others, in a little patch so beautiful
But they were taken away; uprooted by some fool
So only the little flower remains
But its life is not in vain
Because one day it could be taken too

But alas that day has not yet arrived
Until then the flower will abide by the sands of time
It appreciates what it has
Because the desert is not so bad
When the flower catches the eye of a passerby

Those who see true beauty stop and stare
They wonder how others could just discard a flower with beauty so rare
They long to pluck it out
But know without a doubt
That a desert without this flower would surely be bare

So it lives on, braving the sands
It inspires me as it stays strong in this barren land
If it can survive
Where all else has died
Its beauty will last forever, as long as it believes it can