Our time was long in waiting
Thoughts of you and I had only begun debating
We broke the long silence and told our tales
I was too blinded by emotions to imagine we'd fail.

You confessed to me your hidden affection
But what came next was beneath detection
I opened up a part of myself I hadn't before
You invited yourself in, and locked the door

At first it felt good, you made me believe
Things that I knew became better than they had first seemed
Then in one fell swoop you took it away
But part of you lingered, and I wanted it to stay

Once you had me believing I could walk on the clouds
But when I try to set foot on them, I find I can't now
Once you made me believe that the ocean was made of glass
But all I do is sink through it, ever-so fast

Once I believed that the nearest stars were the twinkles in your eyes
But alas now the sun is the only source without which I would die
Once I thought that you could be the only thing I needed
But you left me like I was never there, though I begged and I pleaded

You lead me on a chase; a quest for your heart
A journey which I was eager to finish, but never to start.
I fell for you like rain falls to the earth
And when you weren't there to catch me, I was the one who hurt

Those few days after felt like death
Life seemed to dissipate more with every aching breath
My timidly beating heart was the only reminder that I was still alive
Though I knew I shouldn't reach for you, I wanted desperately to try

I turned to music; that which could mend my shattered soul
It was only when my heart was broken that I understood the songs on the radio
I floated motionless for days in a sea of agony
Though others tried to rescue me, I drifted on endlessly

Perhaps I'll turn to poetry and let my heart speak through pen
If I used that ancient tool of old, maybe you'd love me then
But alas I know it's futile and not even Shakspheare could win you back
We're no Romeo or Juliet; it's time to face the facts

How it ended up this way remains a mystery
It's obvious I meant much less to you than you ever meant to me
The funny thing is I thought you meant those things - did you change your mind?
That answer now will be forever buried in the sands of time

Now I'm here without you, picking up the tatters
It's not a matter of right or wrong - the feeling is all that matters
What you took from me I can never replace
You took my heart, my body, my soul, and left only an image of your face

The hard part is moving on and learning from the past
Time seems to go so slowly now because with you it went so fast
I'll never forget the times together in your company
Though you're gone now, my lost love, my heart you'll never leave.