A Single Ray of Light

In my tainted soul there is a single ray of light.
It shines and shimmers within, piercing the darkness of the night
Combating black, it awakens my hopes and dreams
The monsters of my abyss have finally ceased their screams.

The light draws me in, it warms my soul
I want it to fill me, and make me whole
But I know that if I try to widen the hole it may collapse and die
Do I learn to live in darkness, or do I try?

As it calls, it mocks - threatening to leave
Is it here to comfort me, or here to decieve?
The darkness has enveloped me for far too long
I beg the light to stay, whether it's right or wrong

Calling, kissing, touching feeling
This is what I know I'm needing
Condemning, betraying, lying, jeering
This is what my heart is fearing.

The glow, so bright and beautiful
Reminds me of the world I once knew
Is it a false hope, or the true way?
I'll never find out if I choose to stay

So I take the chance and embrace the light
I just want to bask in it, even if it's a blight.
If it's here by morning, I'll be alright
But if it leaves, I'll embrace the night.