I am a restless ghost, forgotten, I float in the mist
A specter of my past, my incorporeal form over you does list
My soul is all that remains, my earthly shell shambles through the night
I haunt this barren world, the only thing left for me is fright

I am a poltergeist, I fill the air with static and make your hair stand on end
Doomed to drift alone, I'm not even the shade of a friend
I exist in your mind as a phantom, my life was stolen from me
You see me as a vision in your dreams, trapped on this world never to be free

I am a demon, I'll spend eternity repenting my evil ways
See my shadow on the wall as I drag my bail and chain
Like a vampire, I sink my fangs into you and feed upon your life
You wake up in a cold sweat, and I am just nightmare filling you with strife

I am a hallucination, born of your most vivid dreams
A mirage in your mind's desert, whatever you imagine me to be
My undead spirit is a fantasy your mind has conceived
But my corpse is buried deeper, six feet from eternity

Remember me for who I am, not who I seemed to be
Though my body is AWOL, summon me, and my apparition you will see
I'll come to you as an illusion, bound in irony
Because the illusion is standing in front of you...
The illusion is me