We travel along on a lonely highway in the dead of night
The darkness surrounds us and not a star is in sight
We press on though darkness as the world around us sleeps
Tonight the world consists of just you and me

You stare into me, eyes aflame
We dodge mice in our path, swerving into the other lane
I had forgotten this feeling deep inside of me
It rises to the surface, begging to be free

By the time we get back the sun has already begun to shine
It reflects off your skin with a radiance so fine
We talk for hours about our complicated lives
Until sleep overcomes us, and you lay your head on mine

Others are jealous of what they can not achieve
What they strive for is what I've whole-heartedly received
I never asked for anything more than to be with you
Was it irony or fate that made me look like such a fool?

Seeds of dissent began to tear us apart
Was I right to ignore my head and not my heart?
You let the lies of jealousy seep into your soul
If only you could see me now, and what the lies foretold

Time heals all wounds, the old adage goes
But the scars remain forever, a reminder of the blood that once flowed
Though you're lost to me now, your memory continues to amaze me
I'll remember you always as my rose in a field of daisies