Chapter 18: The Man in Command

*The man in front of them is sitting in a chair, seemingly strapped in with belts and wires. He’s somewhat bulky, whether from fat or muscle cannot be determined. The area around him is filled with strange machinery. In the back of the room behind him is a series of 9 tanks with an unidentified yellow liquid inside. The glass of the tanks is too clouded to see through. Dmytro grins expectantly at the Stalkers.*
Dmytro: Well. You didn’t come all this way just to stare did you Stalkers?
Gremlin: Wh… what is this place?
Dmytro: Ah yes, the most obvious question in need of an immediate answer. This is my lab where I watch over the Zone and all its children. From here I maintain what I can remotely and have the ability to control other facilities.
Virtue: Why?
Dmytro: The most universal question. Why indeed? Why does one do anything? Reward.
Solitaire: What reward?
*Dmytro smiles and slowly stands up with the help of the chair’s arms. The wires and straps follow him as he reveals the lower half of his body. His legs are shriveled and blackened.*
Dmytro: Radiation took my legs from me long ago, and now radiation is giving it back. Our experiments here have created a plethora of desirable effects… some predicted, others not. We now have the ability to harness radiation and turn it into a healer instead of a killer.
*Dmytro takes off his shirt to reveal incredible muscle mass. His skin is cracked and hardened like a rock.*
Dmytro: I am only half done. But we’re close to perfection. We’ve had enough time in the last 20 years to finally understand what radiation actually does to tissue, and how to use it to benefit us.
Enigma: Why does the Zone exist?
Dmytro: Another valid question… you came prepared. the Zone is the aftermath of our work here. It’s the past, present, and future of Project X.
Gremlin: What’s Project X?
Dmytro: Did you not read the research you stole from X16? Project X is the reason those labs exist at all. Each lab was given a goal to accomplish in hopes that in the end the ultimate goal would become possible. Much like the American’s Manhattan Project in World War II. Except this time it is Russia who will emerge victorious from this war.
Virtue: What war? There’s no war.
Dmytro: Not yet. But take a look at the world; people are lost and confused like little sheep with no sense of where to go or what to do. It’s time someone stepped in and gave them something to believe in. Mother Russia is calling her children home.
Zombie: What do you plan to do?
*Dmytro laughs.*
Dmytro: Why nuke them, of course. It is said that all the nukes in the world could destroy the planet hundreds of times over – but we will offer the cure. Once we have the world’s attention, we will guide them back into the right way of thinking.
Virtue: How can you presume to know what’s best for the world?
Dmytro: My leaders used to run one of the most powerful nations in the world. They know how it should be run.
Gremlin: So you’re holding the world ransom.
Dmytro: No. We’re merely waking them up to the truth.
Virtue: A truth that you conveniently create for them.
Dmytro: They will learn to accept it in time. They’ll see that our work here was the cornerstone of a grand new future!
*Dmytro motions to the monitors next to him. What appears to be countless years of research and experiments flashes across the screen.*
Dmytro: Here, I even made a copy for you. I know it’s what you all came for – mission accomplished.
*Dmytro tosses a flash drive to them. Virtue catches it and puts it in a pocket.*
Solitaire: What about the people who died here! What about the countless murders, cover-ups and atrocities the government is responsible for? Those will never be forgotten!
Dmytro: We sacrificed a few for the benefit of the whole. Those families will be the first to receive radiation treatment.
Enigma: You’re a murderer.
*Dmytro sighs.*
Dmytro: I really wish you could have seen it my way.
Nimbus: Nobody will see it your way… you inhuman monster.
*Dmytro grins and laughs under his breath.*
Dmytro: Well… you’re right about that.
*Before any of them knows what has happened, a tentacle-like limb wraps itself around Nimbus and pulls him towards Dmytro. Nimbus grabs at his neck as the air is forced out of his lungs.*
Dmytro: Stay back or he dies! As you can see I’ve already been given one of the many gifts radiation has to offer. Where once superiority was decided by politics and warfare, it will now be decided by superior evolution! You have a choice Stalkers. Join us, and you and your friend will live. Attempt to leave and it will be the last thing you ever do. You are in the heart of our power… don’t do anything foolish.
Nimbus *gasping for air*: Go… get out of here…
Virtue: Give us back our friend, or we’ll kill you.
*The Stalkers raise their weapons.
Dmytro laughs.*
Dmytro: What do you plan to do! My skin is bullet-proof! You can’t kill me.
*A grenade rolls under the chair Dmytro is strapped to. He looks down as it bumps into the chair with a clank. He looks back up in rage as the grenade explodes. Pieces of the chair fly around the room as he is separated from it. Nimbus scurries to safety behind the Stalkers as Dmytro crawls towards them at incredible speed.*
Virtue: Everyone out!
*The Stalkers retreat to the hallway outside the door. Virtue exits last, slamming the door behind them and, finding a lock bolt on the exterior of the door, locks the door, keeping Dmytro contained within.
The Stalkers start running down the hallway. As they do they can hear Dmytro’s laughter fading into the distance.*
Dmytro *shouting*: You’ve just sealed your fate Stalkers! This place will be your grave!

{Excerpt from an unknown source of audio}
[Begin audio]
[Unknown]: I sense something.
[Unknown 2]: I sense it too.
[Unknown 3]: As do I.
[Unknown 4]: It is strong.
[Unknown 5]: Very strong.
[Unknown 6]: It threatens to overcome us.
[Unknown 7]: We did not foresee this.
[Unknown 8]: We face exposure.
[Unknown 9]: We will have him.
Dmytro: Oh shut up. All of you. He can be controlled like the others.
[Unknown 9]: Who are you to tell us what to do?
[Unknown 6]: He’s in control!
[Unknown 4]: What I would give for that kind of power…
[Unknown 7]: Imagine the damage you could do. Such a tragedy…
Dmytro: I said shut up!
*An electric discharge shoots through the air. The 9 voices cry out in unision.*
[Unknown 2]: Try that again. I dare you.
[Unknown 6]: No! Don’t tempt him! He’ll do it again!
[Unknown 9]: We’ll say it again, and again, and again until he’s driven mad.
[Unknown 5]: Come now, he’s mostly human. Like the rest of us.
Dmytro: If you’re all done spewing useless shit from your mouths I have something to say.
*The room is silent.*
Dmytro: Much better, now to business. This Stalker, this… “Virtue”; we need to separate him from the others. He’s too strong with him, but without them, he is lost and confused.
[Unknown 3]: I want his power!
Dmytro: That’s what I’m talking about it. The rest of the Stalkers can rot here as far as I care – but not him. Make it happen.
[Unknown 1]: Yes master.
[Unknown 2]: We will break him.
[Unknown 3]: We must have his power.
[Unknown 4]: I want it all to myself.
[Unknown 5]: He will be shown the true path to power.
[Unknown 6]: We must control him, or be destroyed!
[Unknown 7]: It is a shame the rest of them will not survive.
[Unknown 8]: So much wasted potential.
[Unknown 9]: Do it anyway. We will get him like we got the others.
[End audio]
{End Excerpt}

{Excerpt from Phantom’s PDA}
*Phantom and Jargon continue down one of the hallways branching off from the larger room they were in before.*
Phantom: I think we’re getting close to whatever is making that pulsing noise.
Jargon: I think you’re right. It’s so loud it feels like it’s coming from my head now.
*As they continue, the radiation levels steadily build and the pulsing gets louder. After rounding a few corners they are meet a T-intersection in the hallway. Phantom stops.*
Jargon: What is it?
Phantom: This junction. I’ve seen it before…
*Phantom thinks for a moment. Realization hits him.*
Phantom: I remember now! I have a photo of my father standing here.
*Phantom moves to the center of the junction and faces Jargon.*
Phantom: He went up and down this hallway constantly on a daily basis. He used to say he ran this hallway more than an Olympic race. He had both hands in the air as if he had just won a medal for running a race. He always found the humor in things and would go out of his way to make you laugh.
Jargon: Your father must have worked in or around Reactor 4.
*Jargon motions at the wall behind Phantom. A sign on the wall reads “Reactor 4” with arrow pointing down either side of the hall.*
Phantom: That pulsing… could it be coming from there?
Jargon: I’d say almost definitely. The question is what is causing it?
*Before they can investigate further, the hairs on the back of their necks stand up as the hallway goes deathly silent. They look at each other in confusion. Then, from one end of the hall a shadowy figure approaches. They ready their rifles and stare intently at the shape as their vision begins to blur. Finally, the figure crosses into the light from the intersecting tunnel behind them.*
Jargon *whispering*: Shit… it’s a Controller. We’re well within its telepathic range. Move slowly in the opposite direction…
*Phantom doesn’t move but instead continues to stare at the figure.*
Jargon: Phantom! We need to move now!
Phantom: D… dad?
*Jargon stops and looks intently at the Controller. Some of its features bear a remarkable resemblance to Phantom’s.*
Jargon: My God… you mean he’s…
*Both the Stalkers hit the floor, holding their heads in agony. The Controller’s thoughts fill their own as it establishes a telepathic link with them. Images of death, pain, and suffering dominate their thoughts as well as sounds of screaming and crying. They writhe in pain as their brains are slowly overloaded with violent images.
Jargon, having built up a partial mental tolerance to the assault after years of experience in the Zone, slowly stands up to face the Controller. The Controller roars and thrusts its hand forward sending a telekinetic wave of energy at him. Jargon losses his balance and falls to the floor, screaming in pain as his brain begins to hemorrhage.
As the Controller draws nearer, Phantom yells out:*
Phantom: Father!!!
*The Controller stops its assault. It approaches Phantom with an emotionless stare. Phantom looks on in horror and confusion as it stops directly in front of him, staring directly into him with its black eyes. Shaking, Phantom slowly raises his hand up to the Controller.
An image flashes between the minds of the two. Phantom is eight years old. He and his father are in the park where Phantom is riding his bike.
Father: Be careful son, if you ride it that fast you’re going to hurt yourself.
Son: It’s OK Daddy, I’m a professional!
Father *laughing*: OK son, just don’t go too far.
*The Son picks up speed, nearly crashing into people on the sidewalk like human bowling pins. He stops when he sees what looks like a testing ground for his new hobby. A makeshift skate park has been set up nearby. The Son looks on in wonder at the half pipes, rails and ramps within, plotting his next course of action. He looks back at his father who is sitting on a bench reading the newspaper, then back at the wonder in front of him. He guns it, nearly knocking down more people. He approaches the first ramp, soaring off of it like a bird. The feeling is incredible. He wants to do it again.
He circles around and approaches the ramp again, making sure to get plenty of room for takeoff.*
Son: Hey Daddy! Watch!
*The Father looks up from his newspaper with a smile. The Son takes off in the direction of the ramp. The Father’s smile fades.*
Father: Hold on, Son. Don’t go too fast.
Son: Watch me Daddy! I’m gonna fly!
*The Son ignores his Father’s warnings and proceeds with his flight. He clears the ramp and enters the clouds. The wind feels good against his face as it rushes over him. The ground and the people below him look so small. Suddenly the ground approaches without warning. The bike hits the ground front wheel first, sending him into a second unexpected flight over the handlebars. Everything goes black.*
Father: … son! Are you OK Son?
Son: Did you see me fly Daddy?
*Father laughs.*
Father: I sure did! But you went too high before you were ready.
*The Son groans in pain.*
Son: Yeah, but at least you’re here to pick me up.
*The Son smiles and reaches out his arm. The Father smiles and grabs it, lifting him back onto his feet and wiping away the blood on his forehead.*
Father: I’ll always be here to pick you up, Son.
*The memory fades. Another image comes into the foreground.*
Father: We’ve gotta get this done tonight. If we don’t this safety test could go very badly.
Worker: Understood, I’ll get it done.
Father: Thanks, I appreciate it.
*Father resumes his work on the reactor, making sure everything is prepared for the test about to take place. As he continues to work, the door to the room opens and men in military uniforms approach him.*
Father: Can I help you gentlemen?
Man in Uniform: Yes. We need you to come with us so we can brief you on some specs for the upcoming test.
Father: Is this regarding the classified reactor information?
Man in Uniform:  Yes. Some information has recently become unclassified and we’re here to update you on that.
Father: Very well. Lead on.
*The group of men lead him out of the room and down the hall outside. They travel down a few flights of stairs, passing other groups of men in uniform and workers that seem to be going in the same direction as them. They arrive somewhere in the underground part of the facility where he has not been before. There are several rooms all lined in a row containing mysterious machinery in what appears to be some sort of underground lab. He is lead into one of these rooms and is soon joined by several coworkers.*
Father: Just another day at the office ‘eh?
Coworker:  You said it.
Father: I wonder what we’re in for.
Coworker: I don’t know, but it must be some national secret with the number of uniforms here.
Father: Yeah. For our eyes only I guess.
*The man in the uniform whom Father had spoken to before enters the room as two guards stationed outside close the door behind him.
Man in Uniform: Gentlemen, have a seat.
*The men sit down on the chairs provided in the center of the room.*
Man in Uniform: You are all here to partake in an experiment for the betterment of the USSR.
Coworker: You mean the reactor test, right?
Man in Uniform: Not exactly.
*Concealed shackles on the legs and arms of the chairs bind the coworkers in position.*
Coworker: Whoa… are we going on a ride or something?
Man in Uniform: Something like that. You will now all be tested.
Father: Hey… I didn’t consent to any form of testing. And I certainly didn’t consent to being bound against my will.
*The man in uniform leaves the room and walks to a nearby window where he has a clear view of the entre room.*
Coworker: What the hell is going on?
Father: I don’t know, but I don’t like it.
*A deafening hum enters the room. The men scream in pain but are unable to cover their ears with their bound hands. A concealed screen from an unknown source projects images around the room – images of extreme violence. Needles attached to tubes on the chairs puncture their skin, but they hardly notice due to the overwhelming pain of the hum. A strange yellow-green substance is fed directly into their veins by tubes coming down from the ceiling.*
*The minutes turn to hours, the hours turn to days, and the days turn to weeks. Somewhere in that timeframe loud explosions rock the facility above them. The man in the uniform comes by less and less to monitor the subjects.*
Soldier: They are showing progress sir. Soon they will be aware of other thoughts.
Man in Uniform: Good. Send the results to my office. I can no longer come to monitor them myself, too much media coverage of the disaster.
*The man leaves, never to be seen again. The minds and bodies of the men begin to change.*
Coworker: Anyone… hear me…
Father: You… in my head?
Coworker: Such pain… must stop… kill.
Father: Must escape… pain… death.
*The machine starts to whine and smoke. Pieces of it begin to fly around the room, hitting the walls with powerful force. The soldiers outside take notice and call for help. They shoot out the glass. The bullets of their rifles invert and fly back towards them, killing them both. More soldiers pour in to the hall. Father and his friends agree that they must kill anything that stands in the way of their escape. The soldiers approach and begin shooting at them. Their eyes begin to bleed and they grasp their heads in pain, screaming as they collapse on the ground. Some of them get back up and begin shooting at the other soldiers, moaning and speaking nonsensically as they do. But the Controllers understand – they are speaking to them telepathically.
There are other rooms along the hall. Within them are all sorts of mutations, most look human. The glass shatters and their wills are bound. The bond grows to encompass everything within the NPP. All life and death within is felt by the Controllers. Their hearts beat with excitement as they feel the pain of others climax at the end of their lives, the climax surpassing their own inner pain. It is a good feeling – a feeling that cannot be measured against such pain as they feel. It must not stop. The men in uniform will suffer and die for their atrocities.*
*Phantom snaps back to reality. The dark eyes of the creature his father has become ooze some sort of yellowish liquid. The Controller reaches out for the outstretched hand of its child. Tears burst from Phantom’s eyes as the creatures rough, hardened skin caresses the leather of his gloves.*
Phantom *crying*: Oh Father… I’ve been looking for you for so long. All of us have. We missed you so much. What have they done to you?
*The creature’s emotionless face seems to distort in anguish. Another image enters Phantom’s thoughts.*
*He sees his mother and his sister, both clad in protective gear standing somewhere in the power plant. He realizes he is seeing things through the eyes of his father. Both his mother and his sister encountered his father somewhere within the facility. Both were shown the same mercy he was. The images that hit him fill him with sadness as he sees his mother begin to look weaker and weaker. She starved to death to be with her husband. Phantom shakes with sadness.*
Phantom: No… Mother no…
*The images shift to his sister. She too looks very weak. A room number is shown. Thoughts of her invoke a small shred of hope in Phantom.*
Phantom: She… she’s alive then.
*Jargon grunts behind them. The link is severed.*
Jargon: Get away from him your beast!
*Jargon gathers enough energy to raise his pistol at the Controller and fires. The shots pierce its body, causing it to flinch at the minimal damage.*
Phantom: Stop! STOP IT!!!
*Jargon holds his head in pain as a whining noise fills the hallway. The Controller raises its hand in protest. A bullet pierces its head and the whine ceases. A burst of energy is released, rocketing down the hallway and shaking the walls around them.*
Phantom: NOOOOOOO!!!
*Phantom yells in anguish, turning and unloading the magazine at Jargon. Jargon falls to the floor, the pistol falling from his hands.*
* The Controller falls to its knees, its hand still reaching out. It looks up at Phantom and forces words out of its mouth for the first time in years:*
Controller: I… love… you… Son.
*With its remainder of energy spent, the Controller collapses to the floor, its energy floating out into the Zone.*
*Phantom puts his head in his hands and weeps for his Father, committing the last moment they shared to his memory. Jargon coughs painfully behind him. Phantom, shaking with rage, stands up and walks over to Jargon who is bleeding from the chest.*
Phantom: How could you?! You fucking killed him!
Jargon *sputtering*: Your father was dead long before we got to him.
Phantom: He was alive! Somewhere in there my father was still alive!
Jargon: That thing was not your father. It had his memories but it was not your father.
*Phantom cocks his rifle.*
Phantom: You liar! You don’t know what he told me!
Jargon: I know what those things are and what they can do. It was just manipulating you!
Phantom: Not him! Not my father!
*Jargon sputters and coughs up blood.*
Jargon: Phantom, I’m sorry that you had to see your father like that, but believe me; I was doing you both a favor.
Phantom: Then let me return it to you.
*Phantom fires the last shot of his magazine into Jargon’s forehead. Jargon sighs and relaxes onto the floor, motionless. His eyes stare at the ceiling of the building where he worked so many years ago, his last thoughts focused on his experiences over the last 2 decades and all the damage that he had tried to fix. Now all of that rested in the hands of the living. He would now only exist in the Zone as a memory to those who knew him.*
*Phantom sniffs and wipes his nose on his sleeve, rummaging through Jargon’s backpack for any useful supplies. He takes what he can carry and stands up over the old man, reminiscing on all the experiences they had shared in the past. Then, shrugging it off, he leaves the old man in peace. He kneels over the body of the creature he knew as Father and closes its eyelids.*
Phantom: I love you too.
*He kisses the rough, patched skin on its forehead and continues on toward the pulsing noise trying his best not to let tears cloud his vision as he continues into the deepest darkest part of the NPP.*
{End excerpt}

Enigma: What is it Virtue?
Virtue: I… don’t know. I feel weak, like something terrible just happened. I can’t explain it…
Solitaire: It’s possible you’re becoming telepathically tuned to this place. I’ve heard of that happening around bubbles of telepathic activity – it was all part of the project going on in the Zone. What Dmytro said surpassed my greatest fears about what the result would actually be in the end.
Gremlin: We need to find Phantom and Jargon. I think it’s about time we got out of here.
Zombie: We don’t have time. He could be anywhere by now and I have a feeling we’re being watched.
Virtue: Wait… I think I can find him.
*Virtue stares intently ahead for a few moments to the confusion of the group. After a few moments he reports:*
Virtue: He’s near Reactor 4.
Gremlin: That’s amazing! How do you…
Zombie: No time. We need to leave. Now!
*A rumbling sound approaches and dust falls from the walls and ceilings.*
Gremlin: Good point. Lead on Virtue.
*Virtue hurries through halls and down stairs, apparently assured of his path and destination. The rumble behind them draws nearer as a freak show of mutants swarms the halls behind them.*
Gremlin: Step on the gas!
*With the added power of the Moonlight artifact, Gremlin begins to surpass Virtue. The others follow his example and begin to run at increased speed. They speed through halls, around corners, through mazes of machinery, pipes, and detour around obstructions. The swarm of mutants behind them grows more distant and they gradually begin to fall behind and lose track of the Stalkers.*
Zombie: We’ve lost them for now.
*The Stalkers slow to a stealthier walk in hopes of avoiding stray mutants. As they walk Virtue appears to be blown backwards, and almost falls to the floor before Gremlin and Zombie catch him.*
Gremlin: What is it? What’s wrong?
Virtue: I don’t know… something hit me. A psionic wave I think… there’s something powerful ahead.
*The Stalkers enter an open room that appears to have been a cafeteria of some sort. A gaping hole lies in the wall to their left, revealing the dark blue-red sky and rain outside. Tables and chairs are strewn and twisted around the room. A trail of blood leads out the hole. Zombie walks up to the trail of blood and touches it, rubbing it on his gloves.*
Zombie: It’s fresh. Someone was here recently.
Solitaire: Whoever it was sure made hell of the room.
*Zombie takes a look at the ground, finding two sets of footprints leading down one of the hallways branching off from the room.*
Zombie: Human footprints. They were wearing shoes. They went that way.
*Zombie motions toward one of the hallways and the group advances.*
*They continue down the hallway a ways when Virtue is hit by another wave.*
Virtue: End of the hall… there…
*The group looks towards the end of the hall where the hall splints into a T-intersection. In the middle, two bodies can be seen.*
Virtue: I think I’m sensing an event that took place recently. Like a premonition maybe… but in this case something that happened in the past.
*As they approach the bodies Enigma gasps.*
Enigma: Oh no…
Gremlin: Jargon…
*The group gathers around the body of their fallen comrade, eyeing the body of the Controller next to him. Gremlin kneels down and closes their old friend’s eyelids.*
Gremlin: May your journey continue in another time and place my friend.  I bet you died spitting in the face of that monster as you stood toe-to-toe with it.
*Gremlin gets up and approaches the monster. Before he can put his boot through its head Virtue puts his hand on his chest stopping him from advancing.*
Virtue: Wait. The Controller didn’t kill him. It was Phantom.
*Gremlin looks at Virtue in disbelief.*
Gremlin: What?! Phantom would never kill Virtue! That’s impossible!
Virtue: He would if this was his father.
Gremlin: What are you saying?
Virtue: I’m only getting bits and pieces of what happened, but from what I’m seeing Phantom was protecting his father from Jargon.
Gremlin: You mean to tell me that that *thing* is his father… and he was PROTECTING it?
Virtue: I think so, yes.
Gremlin: No… I don’t believe it. I can’t. Phantom would never do anything so foolish.
Virtue: Think about it. He’s devoted his entire life to this moment. Wouldn’t you do anything to accomplish your goal and stop anything from getting in your way?
Gremlin: Maybe… but this… it’s unthinkable!
*The group looks on in silence, trying to make sense of the whole situation. Enigma weeps quietly for Jargon. Solitaire uncomfortably puts his arm around her shoulder attempting to comfort her.*
*Gremlin, with the help of Zombie, lifts Jargon’s body off of the ground and into one of the rooms to the side of the hallway. They clear the furniture to the side of the room and leave a single table in the center. They place his body on top of the table, placing his rifle and pistol in his hands and folding his arms over his chest. Then, they all say their goodbyes.*
Gremlin: You’ve always been like a father to me, and to many others in the Zone. Your courage and wisdom were unmatched, few would go where you would or remain here after the things you’ve seen. You went selflessly into dangerous parts of the Zone always thinking about what others had lost and never of your own concerns. The world would be better off with more people like you. May you find the peace that the last decades of your life could never bring to you in your quest for justice.
Zombie: You showed me the error of my ways and saved me from the false god I found in the Zone. Without you, I doubt I would be here to see the end of it all. You were always like the father I wished I could have but I never knew how to tell you until it was too late. So here it is. Thanks for everything.
Virtue: I’ve known you for only a few days, but those few days have felt like a lifetime for me. There is so much I’ve learned in so short a time, and you were the one who made me believe in myself – always guiding me along the way. There was never enough time to truly know who you were beneath your exterior, but if you were anything like the nice, caring old man that I knew on the surface, I know that deep down, in another life under better circumstances, you and I could have had a great ongoing friendship. So thanks for always believing in me and looking out for everyone. We’ll make you proud.
*The Stalkers leave the room in silence, sealing it and locking it behind them, so that nothing will disturb Jargon’s rest. They move away with heavy hearts, thinking of what could have been had the circumstances been better. Zombie continues to track the footprints on the ground in front of them. Without looking back, he says in a solemn voice:*
Zombie: This has gone too far. We need to get to Phantom and get out of here. We’ve lost enough already without him going blindly into this place on his own personal quest.
*Gremlin sighs.*
Gremlin: When we get him back we’re getting as far away from this place as possible. Let’s find him, and then let’s go home.
*Gremlin looks back at the room as they leave.*
Gremlin: Don’t worry old man; we’ll finish the mission for you.
*He passes the body of the Controller and pauses.*
Gremlin: And we’ll find your son before he shares your fate.