Lost in the Haze.

Concrete ribbons. Lost in a haze.
Lately I've been trapped in a maze.
Strong, stubborn, unique, yet weak.
I don't even know who I was last week.

Take your medicine and then you'll seek.
The answers to what happened last week.
Tell me what made you so meek?
Why has your outlook become so bleak?

You love her, but tell me why?
All she ever did was make you cry.
Why's the reason you stay up at night?
You're anticipating another fight.

She made you wait.
Maybe it's fate.
Maybe it was instinct.
Trying to invade her precinct.

We put our love on a shelf.
Because to love someone you have to love yourself.
There's no excuse, for abuse.
To think otherwise would be obtuse.

She said she would be there for you.
But words are fleeting when you can't identify the hue.
Is it love or desperation that makes you blue?
It's time to take your cue.

I'm talking to myself; I already know.
But maybe that's the thing that will help me grow.
I write my feelings on paper and in this I'll show.
That I left a legacy; hear my crescendo.

Is the real life? Is this just fantasy?
I don't know if it's reality or just a dream.
I hear words but I don't catch the meaning.
I don't know whether to feel love, or if they're demeaning.

I should be upset, but I still feel whole.
You didn't just break my heart; you broke my soul.
In the end, maybe it was best you leave.
Maybe behind your back I'll grieve.

But always remember what I did for you.
And remember how I stood by your side after the pain you put me through.
Everyone has their drug of choice; most wouldn't mind.
I just want you to know that you were mine.