July 27, 2009


Once again I’ve awoken on another day at TJ’s house. He went to work today and called me a little after I got up. He discussed a website deal he had mentioned to me earlier with his company as something I might be able to do as a temporary job. I made a demo website for his boss which I plan to finish tomorrow. We group together again in LOTRO and had another awesome time.

Affirmations: People make good on their promises when I’m on their good side.

July 26, 2009


Another day at TJs house. The days are blending together and this is easily the best I’ve ever gotten along with him. Tonight we grouped together and did stuff that help like old times when we had just started hanging out again after college. Both of us won some nice things in instance runs and that really made the day for us. After that, he started to settle down so he could go to sleep and get up for work while I played freeze tag with the kinship. He laughed along with me when he saw our wacky antics and play-scolded me for making him want to get back online. After that he went to bed and I did as well shortly after.

Affirmations: Constant friendly reminders from me can be better than in-your-face pressure.

July 25, 2009


I woke up at TJ’s house after a long day of LAN partying. The day was pretty normal until around dinner time when we decided to get a pizza. When the pizza guy came, to my surprise it was an old friend who I hadn’t seen in a long time. We caught up a little and he told me his birthday was coming up and asked if I wanted an invite. I said yes, and he went back to work. Later that night, TJ finally left Dagor Dagorath, an in-game kinship that split off from the one we created after a fallout within. This day made a marker for me because I was starting to think he was remaining in the kinship for the sole reason of making me for some reason. I slept soundly afterwards.

Affirmations: People may eventually listen to me; it just takes a lot of patience.

July 24, 2009


I was awoken today by TJ, who stopped by my house to kidnap me for an undetermined amount of time. I got to his house and we set up our computers for a LAN party. We played lotro for most of the day until about 9pm, and then we went to Applebees. Dinner was awesome, we all laughed at his son and his innocence and the night went smoothly. We got back to his house and played some more, staying up later than normal to finish the goal we had set for the day. He went to bed late and I stayed up to see if anyone had responded to my forum post that I had posted in response to the experience of last night.

Affirmations: I can be spontaneous if it’s for a good cause, putting my needs second.

July 23, 2009


Today I came home from the Counselor’s office. The ride home was alright, I didn’t say as much to my mother about it as I did last time. When I got home I decided to log on lotro for a while. Besides dealing with a few assholes online that pretty much ruined the end of the day for me it was alright. I talked to my friend Kandy for a while about how things have been going for me. We talked a lot about TJ and some of the minor things bugging me about him that I fear may turn into bigger things. While talking with her I came to understand that part of the reason I sacrifice so much of my well-being for others is because I accept pain as an inevitability.

Affirmations: I sacrifice my sanity for the happiness of others.