2/9/11 Update. :D

Hey, I haven't posted anything for a while so this is an update to let everyone (but mostly my future self) know what I'm up to.

First of all, Minecraft has been dominating most of my attention until just recently. I'm so obsessed with it I've been pouring through mods on MODDB and even made my own Derp Zombie skin!

As of most recently, however, I've resumed work on The Rift module for Neverwinter Nights. Bioware has a brand new social site up and I've posted the project there as well. Coming at it after a long break has let me smash a lot of bugs and create a whole cluster-fuck of new ones as well, but I'm slowly overcoming those as well.

I also landed my first website deal in months... so I'll have some real money sometime soon. :D

Also, check out this awesome blog my friend runs: Thew My Controller. All you gamers out there will definitely approve of it. ;)

Anyway, back to work on the module. If you have NWN and want to play or help bug test it just let me know!