Weekend Workshop #1: The Shifting Sea

At Cyrus Crashtest request, I have taken part in a 300-word descriptive writing of a medieval scene, which he then proposed to create in under 90 minutes. The results are amazingly similar to the exact visual I had in my head when I wrote the scene and, as always, I am extremely satisfied with the amazing work he's done. What I didn't tell him about the piece, was that the image was actually part of a dream I had, and will also make an appearnece in The Rift once I actually make it that far.

So, without further ado, below are the scene that I wrote as well as the link to his blog so that you may scene the scene he created. I hope to be able to collaborate with more projects like this, since I can never get enough of writing or his art work. This is something that's needed to happen for a long time:

(c) Cyrus Crashtest
The Shifting Sea

"The main character, a Persian-looking man in white cloth and a turban stands at the edge of a cliff over-looking a shining city surrounded by a sea of sand as the sun sets before him. A scimitar hangs at his hip and his pockets and garb are lined with trinkets from his adventures. A few rogue strands of black hair escape beneath the bottom of his turban, the exposed area on his neck glisten with sweat from the long journey he has just endured.

The city sits in a valley with mountains behind it and endless dunes around it. In the distance, and closer to the foreground, rocky hills hint at ancient ruins carved out of sandstone, waiting to be explored by any who would dare risk their undoubtedly treacherous halls. Conical yellow towers reflect the light of the setting sun, the most prominent belonging to the large palace at the center of the city – which is encircled by a sandstone wall which protects the exposed thee sides of the city and connects to the mountain behind.

The atmosphere is warm and calm, though the shadow cast by the setting sun warns of the onset of a cold, restless night ahead, filled with the cries of hungry beasts who call the desert home. Subtle traces of pink and other exotic colors line the sky like a maiden waving her knight’s colors as he nears his goal. Though there is still much treacherous land to cross before the sun sets, the shining city stands as a beacon of hope for our hero as his adventure for the day comes to a fruitful end."

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