February 18, 2007

Fuck you copyright infringement. Part II.

So I went to YouTube today and entered my login information. When it went through I got an error message saying "Your account has now been permanently disabled."

I wanna know who the fuckers are who marked all my shit as copyright infringement, because I am going to fly down to their house and personally fuck them up.

I'm about a day away from snapping as it is, and now I can't use the email address I've used for about 3 years now (ever since Gmail came online) because some assholes thought they were doing the world a favor by marking my videos as copyright infringement.

So what now? Eventually I'll have to get my own private server where I can host all the shit I want and laugh as people whine about it and not being able to do a god damn thing about it.

The funny part is, if I were to make a new YouTube profile with nothing but porn, not only would it make the top page with all the hits it would generate, none of the videos would be marked as copyright infringement.

I know YouTube doesn't give a flying fuck about what's marked as infringement before they delete it, so there's not much I can do about it. The best I can do is get over it and find somewhere else to upload my videos, so that's what I'll do.

To anyone who has ever marked my videos as copyright infringement: sit on a fork and rotate.

February 13, 2007

When everyone is against you, are you right?

I've been dealing with some issues lately that piss me right the fuck off. Those issues are people, and how much their mindsets have changed.

In this matter, I categorize my life into a few different sections: when everything was new and exciting, teenage depression, adult maturity, and now - utter confusion.

Some things that have occurred lately have made me reconsider ideas and actions in my life. I realize that I am a lot less friendly then I used to be, I have less friends then I used to, and I'm not as social (which may translate to not as exciting) as I used to be.

I've tried to think about whether or not this is my fault or if it is because the company I surround myself with does not seem to care anymore. So far I see it like this: I can be the coolest person around when I have a reason to be, but I am a very inspiration-driven person; if I'm around the same old thing all the time and nothing exciting happens I tend to shutdown.

I also think that my personality shift after high school might freak some people out. I am fucked up in the head, and I acknowledge that, and if you have a problem with it you should at least tell me rather then give me the cold shoulder.

I'll be honest, deep down I think I am a good person, but most of the time I'm too pissed off to show that and people get the wrong impression about me. I've tried so hard to get my self-esteem back after so many years of taking other peoples shit that now it seems to be backfiring and scaring people away. I think I need to find a happy medium.

I'm getting to the point where it seems most of my friends don't give a flying fuck about me and the last few girls I've hung out with weren't really too interested, probably because I didn't show much to them. I'm so used to just having stuff fed to me on a platter, that now that I can't get any it has me in a weird state of mind.

Another thing: I talk a lot when happy, and none when pissed. Lately I've been trying to sit back and let other people contribute a bit, for purposes of being a better listener like I used to be and because I want to see if they actually DO have anything to say. As of late I've been sorely disappointed.

I need a change...whether it be friends, attitude, or whatever, I'm getting tired of the same old shit all the time. Not to boast, but I deserve better. I'm starting to get so tired of it I can feel what's left of my sanity slowly slipping away. I wonder if NASA is hiring...

Anyway, if think you fall into these categories, feel free to leave me a message and we can talk about it. Consider this: if you are one of these people and don't send me a message you might as well just remove me from your friends list now. Incentive enough?

February 10, 2007

New Record! Sorta...

Last night marked the end of my decade of no vomiting.

The last time I remember doing it was around 5th grade or so and I have been telling people about it ever since. But no more. I had so much vodka last night I got some dry heaves and hawked up a little chunk of something. Let me tell you something: it felt fucking great.

Sure, I can't tell people I haven't vomited in over a decade, but that's like the same thing as virginity; chances are people will think you're timid or something. I remember I started keeping track of that way back when everything was still new and I was pretty stoked about an optical illusion created by holding your fingers right in front of your eyes and moving them to create weird images.

Remember the days when you first learned about things like burping, armpit farts, funny faces, making those annoying squealing sounds with blades of grass, duck calls from straws and the like? Those were the days. But anyway...

My night progressed like so: Chad and I went to his friends house with about 2 gallons of vodka and all the mixers available at your local WalMart. We then proceeded to mix and match to our hearts content. I, being the crazy motherfucker that I am, decided to go half vodka and half mixer while Chad did about 25% vodka and the rest mixer.

It's funny, because as strong as 100 proof vodka is, after a while the after-taste goes away and it's almost like drinking Sprite. So I drank it like Sprite.

As soon as my glass emptied (which totaled about 10 shots of vodka or so) the night became a little bit more hazy...here's what I have pieced together in my mind.

Somebody mentioned playing BS and some other form of card games and I was all for it...but they changed their minds. I proceeded to bring it up at every available avenue until they started to ignore me, so I gave up. Then we talked about life and stuff. We moved into the living room and talked some more and there was a lot of laughing as the others caught up to my drunkenness. I was staring at the water in the toilet with a small amount of vomit in it. Chad came in and gave me a glass of water and made sure I was alright, I told him I was rad. I came back in to more laughing. I woke up in a pool of drool, not knowing where I was.

Moral of the story: get drunk and vomit, it's fun.

Just kidding, stay in school kids. <3